Kyushu trip: Fukuoka

To start our silver week trip around Kyushu we flew into Fukuoka and had a few hours there before we went to Beppu. Then we had a few hours there the next day between Beppu and Nagasaki. There isn’t much to do in the city, but they do have the famous Hakata style ramen.

Our first stop was the Bayside Place because we read that it was happening. It was not. I think it was being remodeled or something. Anyway pretty nice view from the tower.

This is a ramen joint named Ippudo. Laurel read that they served a special ramen at their Honten (original shop) so we went to find it. But this was not it.

So, we went to eat yatai (small open air stalls) ramen.

The yatais have other stuff like sushi, grilled stuff, and oden (below).

But we wanted ramen.

Mission accomplished! And it was good.

The guide that told us about the happening bayside place also mentioned this weird mall. It was also not so exciting.

That night we headed to Beppu. Then we spent the day in Beppu and returned to Fukuoka to find the Ippudo Honten for dinner on our way to Nagasaki.

The first Ippudo we found told us that the honten was in this area and we did find another Ippudo. After standing in line for a bit we found out that this was not the honten either, but that it was only a couple of blocks away.

The third Ippudo was finally the right one.

So, one more line.

The special honten ramen. It was well worth the trouble. Best I’ve had yet!


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