Kyoto Day 3: Kinkaku-ji, Nijo-jo, and Uji

The next day we were free to explore Kyoto.

The are disassembling one of the floats.

Our first stop of the day was Kinkaku-ji, the famous golden pavilion. The weather was gray and threatening, which made the lighting great for pictures and it wasn’t crowded either!

Old school slot machine. If you make it in the bowl you get your wish or good luck or something.

Our next stop was Nijo-jo, the old castle grounds.

Kyoto is full of history, but it is also a typical Japanese city.

This is the best unagi I have ever had!

After lunch we left Kyoto for Uji to see this temple, Byodo-in. An image of this temple is on the 10 yen coin.

It is out of town, but it’s really a beautiful temple.

We also came to the town of Uji to see the cormorant fishing. They have trained cormorants (a kind of bird) that catch small fish. It’s a traditional way of fishing that is still being done, but just for show. The fishermen (all women now) wear the outfit on the dog above.

The fish are drawn to the water’s surface by the fire and then the birds can grab them.

The birds have a ring around their neck so they can’t quite swallow the fish. Above, she is removing a fish from the bird. (they feed the birds after they are finished)

She keeps track of six birds at once.

Back to Kyoto station.

The sign of a good ramen place, a long line. And it was good!


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